Custom Wrought Iron Fencing

                     We also offer custom design and fabrication of wrought iron fences for
homeowners, general contractors, home builders and industrial and commercial

Whether you own a modest estate or a large industrial complex, we can custom fabricate
wrought iron fences that will improve the security and beauty of your property.

                       Why Yoland Metal Works?

When deciding who should design, fabricate and install an ornamental iron fence for
your home or business property, you should always look for quality first. Most wrought
iron fences will last more than 20 years, so you'll want to be sure you'll be happy with the
design and workmanship for many years to come.

At Yoland Metal Works we don't take shortcuts in the fabrication process to save money,
like many other fabricators do. Many of our competitors use tube steel that is hollow in
the center to construct the pickets in their fencing. This allows condensation to build up
inside the pickets and causes rust from the inside out.

Our wrought iron fences are built in compliance with today's state and counties
guidelines and fabricated from solid materials to ensure strength and longevity. In
addition each project is thoroughly cleaned prior to painting. We use only high
performance paints, activators and hardeners to complete your project to a flawless
Would you like to add the elegance, beauty and strength of
wrought iron fencing to your property? Are you looking for a
fabricator that specializes in wrought iron fences?

At Yoland Metal Works we specialize in wrought iron fabrication and
are proud to offer many standard iron fence designs that you can
customize for your needs.